Frequently Asked Questions


I want to drop off my PC for service. What should I bring?

If it is a desktop PC, we typically just need the tower, aka CPU.  If it has an external power supply or is a laptop, we prefer to have the power supply, sometimes referred to as the power brick, too.  Other cables, external monitors, and peripherals are not necessary unless they need troubleshooting themselves.


Why is my computer slow?

There are a number of reasons a computer might be running slow.  Anything from failing hardware to unwanted applications known as adware or potentially unwanted programs can cause this issue.  Here at Simpli-Fi Tech Solutions, we have the tools and the skill to perform a diagnostic workup, determine the cause, and provide the solution.


How long will it take?

The time can vary greatly from one customer to another.  It all depends on what tests need to be run, what needs to be done to resolve the issue(s), if any parts need to be ordered, etc.  We recommend planning on at least a day for diagnostics and then go from there.  In some cases the job will be finished the same day.  Others will take longer, but we will always do our best to keep the wait time as short as possible.